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Prosecutor | Public Speaker | Political Commentator

In 2014, one week before I began my last year of law school, I became a mother. With the support of my husband, I was still able to successfully finish law school and pass the bar on my first attempt. After passing the bar, I set three goals for my legal career specifically in the field of public service: be a public defender, an assistant district attorney, and a trial attorney. I was able to achieve the first goal by accepting a position as a public defender. As a public defender, while representing hundreds of clients and spending hours inside of jails, I was able to see behind the bars and separate the person from the criminal act. I realized that most of the clients had the same problems—low educational level, drug addictions, and high poverty rate. This realization led me to run for Criminal District Judge in 2017. I believed that if I was a judge, I could be able to help address these problems to lessen the possibility of someone re-offending.

At the conclusion of a very close race, I did not win the election. That quick moment of defeat ushered in the opportunity to reach my second goal. One week after losing my race, I accepted a position as an assistant district attorney. Currently as a prosecutor, I have the responsibility of seeking justice for victims of misdemeanors to capital murders. Little did I know when I mapped out my three goals for my legal career, with the grace of God, I would achieve all three within three years.

During the crisis of 2020, I created The Low Down with Chuantae Brown. The LowDown with Chuantae Brown is a digital show that focuses on political and community issues on a local, state, and national level. The reason I started the show is because I understand the importance of political literacy and comprehension and how it ties in with our criminal justice system. When I birthed The LowDown with Chuantae Brown, I learned that I could aid the people, teach the people, and more importantly propel the people from where I already sat. Nearly a year later, after producing a new episode week after week, I discovered that at this moment, it was not necessary for me to sit on the bench to make change within the community and our criminal justice system. My educational background, professional experiences, and vested involvement in the community has enabled me to share and curate encouraging messages that reach a multitude of audiences.

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